Food production is one of the core departments of the hotel. This deals with the preparation & presentation of food items. We at SIHMCT, are fully equipped to impart the necessary knowledge to the students. We have created the
following kitchens for the skill development of the students. Basic training kitchen This kitchen is geared to deliver practical knowledge to the first year students who are relatively fresher to the programme. The kitchen is so designed that each student gets an opportunity to actually cook the dishes under the guidance of faculties.


Bulk cooking is a specialized art and in order to develop the entrepreneurial skills in the hospitality professionals and to give them the confidence to meet the challenges of the competitive world we have a Quantity Training Kitchen in place at our institute which does the needful. Well equipped with heavy duty equipments, like Pulvarizer,

Grinder, Potato peeler, Tilting Boiler, Braising Pan, Dosa Plate, etc. we have everything that needs to bring out the entrepreneur in our students.


Such kitchen is created to train the senior students who have already acquired the basic knowledge of the culinary

during their previous years. Advance training kitchen involves imparting necessary skills required for the preparation of  international and Indian cuisines.


In this section students are given the practical training in bakery & confectionery. Students learn cake preparations, bakery products etc. Well equipped with equipments, like Planetary Mixer, Double Deck Oven, Single Deck Oven, Proving Chamber, Double Door Refrigerator, etc. we have everything that needs to bring out the entrepreneur in our students.


This department offers an opportunity to the student to learn the different service styles of

Food & Beverages. This also includes traditional classroom lectures and demonstrations. Students are

given the knowledge of wines and liquors of different countries. The students are trained that how to interact with the guests in a restaurant. The department comprise of the following.


This restaurant has been established to impart hands on training to the students in the food & beverage service area. The interior, décor of the restaurant have been carefully designed to create an ambience of a five star hotel's fine dining. The restaurant has 40 covers which make ideal ground for the students to acquire the expertise to serve the needs of the guests.


This comprises a well laid out display of alcoholic beverages (mock) fitted with the accessories & equipments. Here students can practice the making of cocktails and mock tails.


The accommodation department comprises of two core departments which are front office and housekeeping. They need to be coordinate with each other for effective & efficient working. Front office department involves with guest room reservation, check-in, check-out, guest billing, services during stay and other facilities. The students need to be groomed all the way as they reflect the image of the establishment.

Housekeeping department is responsible for the aesthetic upkeep, cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel in order to provide safe & comfortable stay to the guest. To create a virtual feel of the department, we are equipped with the following labs.


Good housekeeping in laboratories reduces risks, protects the integrity of biological experiments. And provides work areas free of significant sources of contamination. Laboratory personnel are responsible for cleaning laboratory benches, equipment and areas that require specialized technical knowledge. Here various housekeeping activities like, floor cleaning, bed making, upkeep of uniform, flower arrangement, laundry and other support services are taught to the students.


In this lab simulation of real hotel situations related to front office are created for the exposure of the students. The lab is equipped with a front desk and other relevant equipments to give a feel of the department.


The computer lab with comfortable seating of 40 students has high speed computers with internet access. Printing, photocopying & scanning facilities are also available.


The institute has a rich, well equipped, modern & professional library. The aim of the library is to serve the needs of the faculty, staffs and students. It is an ocean of knowledge where every student loves to swim by the powerful waves of wisdom. The library has good stock of books on different valuable subjects like Food production, F&B Service, Housekeeping, Front office, French, Human Resource, Hospitality Marketing, Computer application, Management and finance etc. Students are encouraged to utilize the resources and benefit from them



It is mandatory for the first semester students to take hostel facilities for the first year of the institute.
1. On getting the hostel seat, student will report to the warden.
2. Following activity/items are forbidden in the hostel premises.

Ragging in any form

 Any act of intimidation or violence

  Willful damage to the property

 Drinker or riotous behavior

Use or consumption of narcotics or alcoholic beverages



Cooking / making tea etc without the permission of the warden

 Pasting of posters, writing on walls or defacing the hostel in any form.

  Shouting, calling out, whistling or singing aloud.

  Firearms, daggers, cycle chains, rods or any kind of weapons.

3. Students are not allowed to be outside the hostel after 7:00 pm without prior information of the
4. Day scholars and guests are not allowed in the hostel.
5. Hostellers are not permitted to change their rooms or sleep anywhere else other than in their
own room.
6. Parties or social gatherings in hostel / college complex are not permitted without the prior
written consent of hostel warden and principal.
7. The hostel warden is authorized to check the luggage of the boarders at any point of time
8. Visitors including parents are only allowed into visitor's area on weekends (Sunday) during
the visiting hours from 9:30am – 8:00pm.
9. Hostellers are not permitted to allow visitors of the opposite sex into the rooms at time for
whatever reasons. Any student found violating this rule will be expelled from the hostel.


10. Students should use their personal locks and submit one key of the same to the Warden and never leave the room unlocked.
 The college bears no responsibility of any of your belongings missing from the hostel.

All lights and fans to be switched off, when leaving the room.

 The balcony is not to be used for washing clothes.

  No litter is to be thrown down from the balcony out on the ground.

11. Boarders must return to the hostel by 7:30 pm every day. Failing which a warning letter (3
times) and fine will be levied. A student who is repetitively coming late will be expelled from
the hostel.
12. Students will be allowed to stay out of the hostel on submission of a proper application duly
authorized and faxed by the parent only and this is to be submitted at least 3 days prior. Failing
which no last moment faxes will be entertained