Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

  • BHMCT is  four year professional undergraduate course that can be pursued after completion of class XII.

  •  Eligibility – 10+2 from any recognized board.


Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT)

Four Year (Eight Semesters) Full-Time Programme

The examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT) shall consist of eight semesters.

An academic year shall consist of two semesters:

Odd Semester (I, III, V & VII Semesters): July to December

Even Semester (II, IV, VI and VIII Semesters): January to June

The academic calendar for each semester shall be notified by the University well before the commencement of the semester.


Any candidate having passed the Intermediate (10+2) examination with English as a subject, from a recognized examination Board, shall be eligible to apply for the course. The other terms and conditions shall be applicable as per University norms.

Semester Pattern

A semester shall normally extend over a period of 15 weeks. There shall be sessional test and one End-semester examination. The sessional test shall carry 50 marks for each theory course. The sessional test shall carry 25 marks for each practical course. The marks of sessional tests shall be taken into account for computation of Grades.

Evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, during each semester. Sessional tests may employ one or more assessment tools such as written tests, assignments, paper presentation, laboratory work, etc suitable to the course.

The sessional test as a part of the continuous internal assessment shall be conducted and evaluated by the teacher offering the course.

There shall be written End-semester examination of 03 hrs. which will carry 100 marks for each course. There shall be an end-semester practical examination which will carry 50 marks for each course.

Definition of Credit:

1 Hr. Lecture (L)/Instruction per week

1 Credit

1 Hr. Practical (P) per week

0.5 Credit

2 Hours Practical(Lab)/week


1 Credit Course

15 Hrs. of lectures per semester


Instruction can be in the form of lectures / tutorials / laboratory work / fieldwork or other forms.

The entire course of BHMCT shall be of 186 credits.

Credit defines the quantum of contents/syllabus prescribed for a course and determines the number of hours of instruction required per week. Thus, normally in each of the courses, credits shall be assigned on the basis of the number of lectures / tutorials / laboratory work/ project work and other forms of learning required to complete the course contents in a 15 week schedule:

Discipline Specific Core Course

BHMT101: Food Production Foundation -I

BHMT102: Food & Beverage Service Foundation -I

BHMT103: Room Division Foundation -I

BHMT201: Food Production Foundation -II

BHMT202: Food & Beverage Service Foundation -II

BHMT203: Room Division Foundation -II

BHMT301: Introduction to Indian Cookery

BHM302: Food & Beverage Service Operations- I

BHMT303: Accommodation Operations- I

BHMT401: Introduction to Indian Regional Cuisine

BHMT402: Food & Beverage Service Operations-II

BHMT403: Front Office Operations-II

BHMP 501:

Food Production Operations- Industry Exposure-1

Food & Beverage Service Operations-Industry Exposure-1

Room Division Operations-Industry Exposure-1

BHMT601: Introduction to International Cuisine

BHMT602: Food & Beverage Management-I

BHMT603: Room Division Management-I

Discipline Specific Elective

BHMT 771: Culinary Management

BHMT 772: Food & Beverage Service Management -II

BHMT 773: Room Division Management –II


Food Production Operations- Industry Exposure-2

Food & Beverage Service Operations-Industry Exposure-2

Room Division Operations-Industry Exposure-2

BHME802: Writing Field Project report on DSE

Group size for DSE may be about 15-20 Students per group

Ability Enhancement Courses:-

BHMT 104: Communication Skills

BHMT 105: English Communication

BHMT 204: Environmental science

BHMT 205: Hotel Engineering & Maintenance

BHMP 305: Personality Development Skills-I Practical

BHMT 405: Writing Skills in Hospitality

BHMT 604: Hotel information system

BHMP 605: Personality Development Skills-II Practical

BHMT 606: Entrepreneurship in small Business

BHMT 701: Research Methodology

BHMT 702: Customer Relation Management

Elective Group Courses:-

BHMT 111: Computer Application

BHMT 112: Basic French

BHMT 113: Tourism Operations

BHMT 221: Communication Skills-II

BHMT 222: Food Science

BHMT 223: Basic Accounts

BHMT 331: Facility Planning

BHMT 332: Hotel Accounting

BHMT 333: Fundamental of Management

BHMT 441: F&B Controls

BHMT 442: Event Management

BHMT 443: Laundry Management

Elective Group Courses:-

BHMT 661: Human Resource Management

BHMT 662: Hospitality Sales & Marketing

BHMT 663: Financial Management

BHMT 781: Nutrition & Diet Planning

BHMT 782: Safety Security & Travel Documentation

BHMT 783: Total Quality Management


Fee Structure  :  ₹ 20,000 / Semester